So why do you still send REAL greeting cards...?

January 12, 2016

With the advent of electronic communications, social media et al, keeping in touch has never been easier or more instant.  Email has all but replaced letter writing, at least on a personal level, we still receive plenty mail outs from business, which aren't such fun to be honest, usually reminder of unpaid bills or insurance renewals soon to be rearing their costly heads.  And WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and so on, give us a sense of keeping in touch.   Our social networks are growing exponentially, worldwide connections at the touch of a phone keyboard, but who still sends real greeting cards?

Imagine for a moment, it's your birthday, messages abundant on your phone, Facebook likes and posts, Twitter comments, but where are all the birthday CARDS?  Do you even still remember the fun of opening all that post on your birthday?  How special you felt, how thought about and considered?  And decking your halls with Christmas Cards (and holly) many did you receive at Christmas?  Compare that to recent years, a sharp decline no doubt, and what a shame!

With the digital age well and truly taking over, print based designs for greeting cards are even so still very valid and popular, if anything they will become more so; compare the coldness and impersonal feel of a text message or WhatsApp message or any other of the myriad of electronic methods of communicating feelings and sentiments, versus the warmth and thoughtfulness of a real greeting card, with the touchable elements, the actual handwriting of your sender, sound proof of genuine caring and attention especially with personalised greeting cards.

Don't get me wrong, there is a definite place for the digital offerings, but they are not going to be able to replicate the real world greeting card.  We still embrace digital technology, we are a big fan, we use it everyday to help create these wonderful designs you see in the shop but the end result is a tangible and gorgeous product, that excites the senses and delights the heart!  However, we believe in moving with the times and being forward thinking so check back very soon in the shop as we will have a brand new exciting product coming in the form of a hybrid greeting card that will bring you the best of the digital (sound, video and interactivity) and real world greeting cards embraced together in one amazing product!


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