Augmented Reality


Quite simply put, "AR is the technology of putting images or information produced by a computer on top of a real view, image, video, etc. so that the user can see both at the same time."

We have a fabulous and unique new range of Handmade Augmented Reality enhanced greeting cards and print design products, which combine the real and digital worlds to bring you the best of both! 

To make them even more special, the greeting cards can be personalised inside with your own message printed on a paper inlay.  Supplied with matching envelope and crystal wrapped for protection.


Delight and amaze your friends and family with a unique designer greeting card or print design product (t-shirts, mugs, phone cases and more arriving soon!) that comes with a magical surprise in the form of digital video, animation, sound, music, inter-active content and even mini digital games accessible via a free Augmented Reality app from available to download now to your smartphone or tablet.  Then simply 'zap' the zapcode printed on the product with your device, and watch as the magic unfolds before your very eyes!


Simple instructions on how to use the app are included on the product itself so you needn't worry about your recipient being able to view it.



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