Christmas Card Designs


 A very special range of handcrafted designer Christmas cards, that can be personalised and boxed if required.  Also remember, we now support Make-A-Wish Foundation UK. We pledge to donate 10% of our profit on your online greeting card purchase!

PLEASE NOTE: Orders must be received by 19 DECEMBER for delivery in time for Christmas. 

In 1843, the first commercial xmas card was created and sent.  This was printed by an artist named John Calcott Horsley for Sir Henry Cole (whose idea it had been).  It allowed ordinary people to send through the ‘Penny Post’ before which it would have been too expensive and was only available to the wealthy.  This method is now an inexpensive way to keep in touch, remember, offer condolences, sympathies, congratulations, express affections, feelings and keep connections.  As written/printed communications they are more permanent than their digital counterparts (texts, emails, Facebook posts, etc.) which are often forgotten in around the same time (seconds) it takes to receive and read them. The tradition of sending real rather than printed greetings allows for a bright, cheery and decorative seasons greetings with handwritten messages which convey thoughtfulness and considerations more sincerely, because of the time taken to choose, write and send.  Older people, especially those living alone, always very much appreciate these handwritten designs.

Augmented Reality with interactive print, exclusively from, are an extra special way of sending your seasons greetings and keeping in touch. The surprise and delight that they elicit on viewing, makes them as good as a gift and an economical way for you to show all the people you care about just how special they are to you.  You will gain quite a few brownie points for your thoughtfulness and effort in finding something so unique, impressive and personal to send.  No doubt, our vast collection will stand proud on the mantelpiece and more than likely outshine its mass produced distant cousins alongside.

With our exclusive hand-made seasons greetings and personalisation option, there is no danger of sending exactly the same Christmas greetings as someone else!

With the huge rise of social media (Instagram, instant chat, instant messaging, ‘emojis’, ‘bitmojis’ and the like) buying online and sending ‘real personalised greetings’ connects us to the recipient in a manner no purely digital offering ever could.  And the permanency of print seems to offer more importance than a digital message that both appears and then vanishes with a click ‘into the ether’.  When you buy the Augmented Reality range from us you get the very best of both worlds brought together in an exciting, fun, tactile and gorgeous real hand-made greetings that will be treasured for years to come and not thrown out with the recycling! 

Usually everyone you send greetings out to has already played some role in your life, whether major or minor, and there is a definite connection.  Part of the very essence of our humanity is both our social nature and desire to maintain important relationships whether near or far.

Every year, upwards of £50 million is raised for charities through the sending of charity cards 45% and that people buy online and in stores of all sent every year are xmas themed!   We pledge to donate 10% of all profit on every card sold, to Make-A-Wish Foundation, UK.  With Augmented Reality you will get animation, film, sound, music and interactivity, as well as being cleverly laid out and beautifully hand crafted.  The Shakers ‘n’ Movers Snowdome collection is especially tactile and visual, with exciting Augmented Reality interactive digital content (sound, music, animation, film and interactive games).  We can even handwrite your personal message inside on your behalf and send directly to your recipient, saving you time during the busy xmas season.

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