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Graphic Artist Cat Taylor

Cat Taylor creates in all media ranging from simple pencil and charcoal to mixed media, acrylics, watercolour, gouache and oils, but especially loves working in pastel. Pastel painting involves both drawing and painting with colour using your hands and fingers, not brushes, so there is an immediacy and passion of marks made by the human hand, replicating how the first marks were made in cave paintings from centuries ago. When protected by glass, pastel is the most permanent of all media, for it never cracks, darkens or yellows. Pastel works have been proven to last as long as, or longer than works in any other medium. They will preserve their colour and distinctive matte surface with the same freshness as when first applied.

Art commissions for pet/animal portraits are also undertaken, just contact us and we can discuss your requirements.  Or quite simply you can upload a clear good quality photograph, place your order and your artwork will be created especially for you.

Original signed canvas or box canvas works are supplied unframed and are one off pieces. Original signed works on pastel paper, or other media are supplied mounted ready for framing. The original artworks are also available as limited edition prints on a variety of high quality media: canvas, art paper and wall decals.

Artist Certificate of Authenticity

The Artist Certificate of Authenticity that is supplied with your purchased artwork includes:

1. The title of the painting, drawing or print, and the artist.

2. The medium. (i.e. artist quality oil paint)

3. The materials used. (i.e. Primed stretched canvas)

4. The name of the artist and the year of creation.

5. The exact dimensions of the piece, and extra details if it is a limited edition.

6. Where the artwork was created.

7. Whether it is an original or reproduction print.

8. A unique number or code.



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