Designer Wall Art

Original Mixed Media & Interactive Augmented Reality Art by Graphic Artist Cat Taylor

Cat Taylor creates artworks in all media ranging from simple pencil and charcoal to digital graphics, mixed media, acrylics, acrylic inks, watercolour, gouache and oils, but especially loves working in pastel.  Pastel painting involves both drawing and painting with colour using your hands and fingers, not brushes, so there is an immediacy and passion of marks made by the human hand, replicating how the first marks were made in cave paintings from centuries ago.  When protected by glass, pastel is the most permanent of all media, for it never cracks, darkens or yellows. Pastel works have been proven to last as long as, or longer than works in any other medium. They will preserve their colour and distinctive matte surface with the same freshness as when first applied.

Augmented Reality technology is incorporated into a selection of the artworks to allow for digital interaction, music, sound and animation!  Combining the digital with the real creates an experience of art like no other!  Be fascinated by seeing art literally brought to life with sound, music and film.

Limited Edition Signed Prints

All original works shown here in the gallery are available as limited edition signed prints which can be supplied on a variety of media such as canvas, art paper and wall decals.

Delight and amaze your friends and family with a selection of unique wall art that comes with a magical surprise in the form of digital video, animation, sound, music and inter-active content  accessible via a free Augmented Reality app from Zappar available to download now to your smartphone or tablet.  Then simply 'zap' the zapcode printed on the product with your device, and watch as the magic unfolds before your very eyes!





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