Occasions - Notable Dates

Of course you can send greeting cards and gifts whenever you like, and we certainly encourage you to do so!  But here are some notable dates of the popular sending times throughout the year, so you need never miss an occasion (and even if you do you can always send a "Sorry" card :-p)

Fixed Dates:

New Year's Day (January 1), Christmas Day (December 25), St Valentine's Day (February 14)

Everyday Occasions:

Birthday, Engagement, New Baby, Thank You, Congratulations, Christening, New Home, Wedding, Anniversary, Get Well, Sympathy, Sorry, Graduation...

Moveable Dates:  

         Occasion        2016        2017        2018

Mother's Day

 6 March

 26 March

 11 March

Easter Day

27 March

16 April

 1 April

Father's Day 19 June 18 June 17 June

Wedding Anniversaries

  • 1st Paper
  • 2nd Cotton
  • 3rd Leather or muslin
  • 4th Fruit, flowers or silk
  • 5th Wood
  • 6th Iron or Sugar
  • 7th Copper or Wool
  • 8th Electrical or Bronze
  • 9th Pottery or Willow
  • 10th Tin or Aluminium
  • 11th Steel
  • 12th Linen or Silk
  • 13th Lace
  • 14th Ivory
  • 15th Crystal
  • 20th China
  • 25th Silver
  • 30th Pearl
  • 35th Coral or Jade
  • 40th Ruby
  • 45th Sapphire
  • 50th Gold


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